They really cared about my health

I visited Advanced Medical & Wellness Center on May 25th of this year, and I have been going there ever since. I had been dealing with shoulder, neck, and back pain. I had gone to previous chiropractors in the past, but I felt that they never got to the root of the problem so I thought that I would give Dr. Horn a chance. Dr. Daniel Horn and Dr. Peter Horn both examined me and they were really thorough. The one thing that I noticed about them is that they really cared about my health and wanted me to get back to my normal life.

They worked on a game plan and I decided to do it. I have been going for treatments for a few months, and I had my first workout last week!!! You can definitely say that their game plan worked as I am feeling great. I am encouraged as I am only 27, and I was heading down a bad road with my shoulder, neck and lower back. I will probably be discharged soon as I am doing so well, but I plan to continue to go for maintenance as one of my hobbies is weight-lifting. It is pretty awesome as Dr. Peter is not only a chiropractor, but also a Sports Physician. I was formally trained by a master trainer who has trained with professional athletes, but I have learned quite a bit from Dr. Peter and Wesley, who also works there.

I am typically there on Tuesday and Thursday evenings so if you schedule a consultation on that day, I would be more than happy to share more about my experience at Advanced Medical and Wellness Center.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope that this finds you well!

Joshua A. (Patient since 2016)